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About Parallel Products
Headquartered in Louisville, KY, we are North America’s leader in Liquid Waste Disposal and Recycling. With regional recycling facilities in Louisville, KY, Bronx, NY, New Bedford, MA, Ontario, CA, and North Boston, MA we offer services to the leaders in the Alcohol and Non-alcohol Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Health & Beauty and Industrial Alcohol industries.

Each year, we destroy and recycle over 13 million cases of distressed or out-of-date beverage products. Through our business activities, we recycle over 200 million pounds of packaging materials including glass, aluminum and plastics. Additionally we recover and manufacture over 6.5 million gallons
of waste-derived ethanol.

Glass recyclable products
Two unique elements of our business are our liquid waste disposal program and our PET recycling program utilizing optical sorting technology. Through our liquid waste recycling programs in Louisville, KY and Ontario, CA we convert beverage wastes into fuel grade ethanol. This ethanol is utilized by major oil companies as a clean air additive in their gasoline blends. Materials that would otherwise be unusable wastes now contribute to the production of 51 million gallons of lower emission gasoline products.

Ethanol Recyclable Products
Our application of optical sorting technology of bottle bill redemption plastics in the Northeast takes place at our state-of-the-art recycling center in New Bedford, MA. This technology maximizes the value of over 30 million pounds of plastics each year.

At Parallel, our goal is to recover and reuse the maximum amount of resources from the products and wastes that we receive. Because of our ethanol recovery and plastics sorting operations, we have set the bar for recovery/reuse in our industry.

Parallel Products continuously works to develop projects that will further our position in the renewable energy sector. As our Nation’s agenda is increasingly focused on the need for renewable energy, we are finding new ways to make significant contributions.

Some of our Benefits
  Brand Protection, Security, Compliance:

Materials are managed and processed under the strict requirements of the Tax & Trade Bureau, Department of Homeland Security and if applicable, U.S. Customs as we are required to comply with our Distilled Spirits Plants (DSP) and Bonded Wine Cellar (BWC) permits. These requirements apply to receipt, record keeping, destruction and reporting practices. This means that your materials are properly removed from the market and destroyed/recycled to eliminate any possible downstream liabilities.

  Federal Excise Tax and Customs Duty Drawback Assistance and Processing:

Parallel has a complete staff of dedicated professionals to process or assist in the processing of tax claims to recover this cost associated with unsaleable products. Each year, we process and transact over $8 million of tax recovery funds on behalf of our customers.

  Permitted Distilled Spirits Plants:

For both our Industrial Alcohol and Beverage customers, Parallel Products’ ability to recover and repurpose ethyl alcohol removes this material from the waste stream. Provisions in RCRA (40CFR 261.6) exempt these materials from their prior Hazardous Waste Characterization.


Our facilities have unmatched receiving and processing capacity. Large projects or natural disasters can be managed quickly and efficiently. Need assistance with freight? We can coordinate and schedule shipments by truck or rail nationwide.

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