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Health & Beauty
Nowhere is product security more important than in the Health & Beauty industry. Secure Product Destruction and Recycling is a core practice of Parallel Products’ business. Your name brand products are safe with us.

Brand Protection and Security
Parallel Products’ H&B department offers security above all standards. Materials received are managed and recycled/reclaimed under strict Federal requirements. Our facilities are licensed as a Distilled Spirits Plants (DSP) and Bonded Wine Cellars (BWC) which require the highest standards in destruction, record keeping and reporting practices.  Additionally, viewed destruction is welcomed for on-site viewers or via live-feed web cam.

Compliance and Cost Savings
Beyond security, Parallel Products offers the benefit of reclamation. Most H&B products that are classified as hazardous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), if disposed of, are not subject to classification when reclaimed by Parallel Products. These products are repurposed as feedstock in our ethanol recovery processes and utilized to create renewable fuels and industrial alcohol products.

Direct Benefits of Reclamation vs Haz-Waste Disposal include:
   Reduced Corporate Liability
   Reduced Regulatory Burden
   Reduced Consulting and Administrative Costs
   Reduced Disposal Costs
   Reduction of your Company’s Carbon Footprint

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