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Louisville, KY
1620 Bernheim Ln
Louisville, KY 40210

Louisville, Kentucky

Once an abandoned bourbon distillery, our Louisville, KY facility was repurposed into a diverse recycling center operation with unchallenged capacity for the Beverage, Health & Beauty and Industrial Alcohol industries.

Our Louisville facility receives and processes over 8.5 million cases of distressed alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, approximately 20,000 tons of health and beauty items and greater than 16 million gallons of bulk liquids. Natural disasters and major destruction projects are easily handled at our Louisville facility; eliminating the associated burden of unsaleable products for our customers.

Packaging materials are recycled to their base commodity form and provided to end-users and producers of recycled content packaging and other products. Liquid materials from all sources are converted via fermentation and distilled into fuel and industrial grade ethanol.

The Kentucky facility is certified by the Tax & Trade Bureau as a bonded Distilled Spirits Plant and Wine Cellar. (T.T.B. # DSP-KY-420/B.W.C-KY–25). This means that applicable shipments may be received “IN Bond”, saving customers significant amounts of prepaid tax dollars.

Materials Received:

  • • Non-Alcoholic Beverages (soda, juice, water, etc.)
  • • Alcoholic Beverages (beer, spirits, wine)
  • • Fermentable Sugar Liquids & Semi-Liquids
  • • Industrial Alcohols: Off-Spec Ethanol Products, Ethanol Laden Bi-Products
  • • Health & Beauty Alcohols (mouthwash, perfume, etc.)
  • • Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing By-Products
  • • No Aerosol

Shipment Configurations:

  • • Case Goods - Palletized, Slipsheets- all packaging types
  • • Bulk Liquids- Tanker Truck , IsoTainers, Rail Tankers
  • • Kegs
  • • Drums, Totes, Gaylords, Bins, etc.

Reclaimed/Produced Commodities:

  • • Ethanol- Fuel and Industrial Grades
  • • Plastics- PET, HDPE, PP, PE
  • • Crushed Glass
  • • Aluminum
  • • OCC- Corregated, Paperboard
  • • Distillation Syrup Bottoms

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