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From beverage destruction and recycling, to plastics processing and ethanol recovery, Parallel Products has deployed the best available technology to ensure maximum recovery of all recyclable and reclaimable materials from the waste and by-product streams we receive.

As your partner, Parallel Products recognizes the importance of confidentiality and security as they apply to protecting the sanctity of your brand name and image. It is a core principle of our business.

Brand Protection, Security & Compliance

Materials are managed and processed under the strict requirements of the Tax & Trade Bureau, Department of Homeland Security and, if applicable, U.S. Customs, as we continually exceed the requirements of our Distilled Spirits Plants (DSP) and Bonded Wine Cellar (BWC) permits. These requirements apply to receipt, record keeping, destruction and reporting practices. This means that your materials are properly removed from the market and destroyed/recycled to eliminate any possible downstream liabilities.

Unparalleled Capacity

Natural disasters, large destruction and recall events are no issue for Parallel Products. Our facilities' surge capacity is unrivaled in the recycling industry. High volume shipments over very short time periods allow manufacturing and distribution facilities to quickly recover from disasters and get back to business.


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